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Amato Chiropractic Wellness Center : An Integrated Approach

We offer an integrated approach to spinal care.

At Amato Chiropractic Wellness Center we have taken the next step forward in promoting optimal joint health. We have integrated the services of Chiropractic care, Pilates rehabilitationMassage Therapy and  Clinical Nutrition all under one roof. This combination allows each patient the opportunity to use the service(s) that best suit their needs.

Our staff thoroughly understands the importance of addressing fundamental issues of spinal function such
as joint mobility, strength and flexibility. To give you the best results our team will keep an open line
of communication throughout your care making sure you are being carefully monitored and your
goals and comfort are top priority.

Whether you come for one of our services or a combination, we will gladly help you address
your needs, and suggest care that best suits your individual goals.

Serving our community for over 20 years.

Amato Chiropractic Wellness Center | Kingsland Chiropractors
Delivering quality chiropractic care to Kingsland,
St. Marys, Woodbine and Camden County areas.