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Amato Chiropractic Wellness Center Reviews

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What Our Kingsland Patients Say

At Amato Chiropractic Wellness Center we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Professional, Caring and Accomodating

I began attending Amato Wellness Clinic shortly after a hit and run accident. I had extreme pain in my neck, head, shoulders, back, hips, knee, and wrist. After going to ER to be examined they suggested that if the pain did not subside that I may need therapy. Since attending the last couple of months everyone there has made me feel like a long time patient. They are all professional, caring, and accommodating.

My condition has greatly improved and I have recommended them to others for chiropractic care.


The pain and numbness has subsided

I first came to the Amato Chiropractic Wellness Center with symptoms of shoulder, neck, and arm pain with numbness in my hand, particularly in my thumb and first and second fingers. Dr. Lesa completed a thorough examination based on answers I provided on a comprehensive evaluation form. Neck x-rays were taken to reveal possibly anomalies and treatment was initiated the next day. Dr. Lesa provided numerous suggestions for changes that I could make to improve my ergonomic and overall health environment in addition to chiropractic treatment.

By completing the full range of chiropractic care prescribed by Dr. Lesa, and by initiating changes in my lifestyle, I was able to find relief. After 5-6 weeks of treatment, the pain I had experienced, as well as the numbness in my hand, have completely subsided. I continue to utilize the suggestions that were provided and am following up with maintenance visits to the Amato Chiropractic Wellness Center as needed, approximately once per month.

I’ve always believed that the body is designed to heal itself. given the proper atmosphere, and that drugs and surgery are a last resort. The treatment philosophy of Drs. Lesa and David Amato have complimented my own beliefs and this combined with the great clinic staff has provided me with a wonderfully successful and pleasant experience at the Amato Clinic.

Alecia W.

The wonderful staff are very professional and customer service oriented

I have been going to Amato Chiropractic Wellness Center for approximately 10 years and by having the Chiropractic care and massage therapy my neck and upper back have improved dramatically. One of my main problems is my atlas which I have adjusted occasionally. Both of my teenage daughters see Dr. Lesa occasionally.

One was in a car accident back in July and the treatment plan she was on with Dr. Lesa helped her immensely. Chiropractic care and massage therapy have improved my quality of life by decreasing the pain I was living with on a daily basis. Sitting at a computer most of the day is the biggest culprit, but Dr. Lesa gave me some very good stretching exercises to use to help keep me from being in pain constantly. I don’t believe I was ever a skeptic about Chiropractic care. It just makes a lot of sense that if your spine is out of alignment, it can affect a variety of conditions. I am very lucky that I’ve not had to have surgery. I think the Amato’s are a great team and I’ve been very pleased with not only the treatment I’ve received, but the wonderful staff they have who are very professional and customer service oriented.

To all at Amato Chiropratic Clinic – Thanks for doing such a great job!!

Debbie S.

I have returned to my passion of landscaping and decorating my yard!

I have a severe abnormal lateral curvature of the spine, known as scoliosis. To describe it in simple terms, I have a hump on the right side of my back like the back of a camel. I was diagnosed with this condition back in the early 70’s and I have seen several Orthopedic Surgeons for help. There were some who recommended physical therapy and exercise while others prescribed pain medications. These preventive measures were only temporary relief and I really did not feel 100% better.

With my job confined to sitting in a chair, and other physical activities such as gardening, babysitting, carrying and hauling, I always experienced a lot of back pain, shoulder, neck and leg discomfort. Even walking to the beach and shopping centers tend to be frustrating because I always had to take a break and sit down for a while. Long drives also bothered my back and my legs, so if we went on a trip, it was either by plane or an exclusive place in the back of the vehicle so I could lie down when it became necessary. I took it one day at a time and there were days better than others.

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I had heard several people in the office talking about chiropractic adjustments/treatment accompanied by relief and satisfaction after their session. Then one day, I made a decision to make an appointment to see Dr. Lesa. This action was against the recommendation of the orthopedic surgeon I was seeing at that time. However, as days went by seeing Dr. Lesa consistently and undergoing massages, I feel an improvement not only with the way I feel but I also noticed an enhancement with my posture. I can tell that I am standing a little bit straighter and the muscles on my back, neck, and shoulder are not as tense and uptight as they used to be. These days, I can actually carry my grandbabies without complaining a great deal about back pain.

The walks through the mall and the beach are as not as tedious anymore. Most significant of all, I return to my passion of landscaping and decorating my yard. What an incredible transformation and a milestone of relief! I do not have a bit of regret with my choice to obtain chiropractic treatment. It is effective and it works!

Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge Dr. Lesa and her staff for their excellent service, remarkable dedication and commendable professionalism. They all exhibit admirable cooperation and exceptional teamwork.

Furthermore, I would like to mention that I will continue to carry Mail Handlers health insurance benefit plan during retirement because of Chiropractic treatment.

Cely G.

Thank you for making a difference in my life and for my future!

I was involved in an automobile accident in August 2002. My injury from the accident left me with severe headaches, muscle spasms, and a misaligned Atlas. I was treated by a physical therapist for 2 months and took medication that gave me minimal and temporary relief. After talking with a friend about the accident and the headaches that would never go away, she highly recommended that I visit a chiropractor that would provide me with relief … Dr. Lesa!

I have had regular adjustments to my Atlas, massage therapy for my muscles, and the best professional service that you could ever ask for. She is very personable, professional and has a true concern for my health. Her staff should also be recognized for the excellent service that they provide as well … always with a smile. Thank You Dr. Lesa and Amato Chiropractic Wellness Center for making a difference in my life and for my future!

Shannon S.

My headaches have greatly improve & I have not worn my glasses at all.

I am 33 and have always heard everything goes down hill after 40. Well, I thought if it started downhill at 40 I would not have far to go to reach bottom by the time 40 arrived. Looking over my medical history most of the problems I have today started when I was around 15 years old.

A fender bender and an ATV accident preceded my diagnosis with TMJ. I related my headaches to the TMJ and was undergoing treatment. Shortly there after I began having vision trouble. After three years and three doctors later I found the appropriate diagnosis for my eyes. The right eye focused at a lower point than my left. Hence a very expensive and very precise prescription for prisms were ground into my glasses which I have worn to read faithfully since 18.

Although the glasses and TMJ treatment were relieving most of my headaches, the middle of my back started aching and a friend suggest Chiropractic. I began Chiropractic around the age of 25 and to a great extent it relieved the aching and some of the headaches. Finally, I just decided I was getting older and was going to have a headache most of the time.

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Then I moved to Camden County. With all the changes transferring entails, I had foiled to search for a Chiropractor. A colleague suggested Amato’s Chiropractic Clinic one day when my headache was interfering with my concentration.

Having been to a Chiropractor for years, I knew it would relieve the tension temporarily. I have always had relief from Chiropractic treatment but always felt or thought my neck needed adjusting higher than my previous Chiropractor could reach with his hands.

Once evaluated by Dr. Lesa Amato, she took the time to explain the “root” cause of my headaches was in fact the top of my spine. The Atlas of my spine was off centered and they had a method of re-centering this misalignment.

After the first week of treatment using the Atlas Orthogonal method, not only did my headaches greatly improve I have not worn my glasses at all. The few times I have tried to wear them, I get a headache. I have on appointment in a few weeks with my optometrist for on examination. My only explanation is the re-centering of the Atlas realigned the focus of my eyes. I don’t plan on mentioning this to my optometrist until he has had a chance to examine my eyes. I hope he is as quick to determine the new diagnosis as he was to find the original misalignment.

Under the care of Dr. Amato’s staff, I look forward to complete and free movement of my neck and shoulders and climbing up the hill to forty so I can start the rood downhill.

Mary L.

They take the time to talk to you about what is going on

My husband and I began on the road of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic twenty years ago. We lived in Atlanta and my husband was having very bad back pain and unexplained intestinal distress. He had seen several doctors, had many tests done and taken several medications, all to no avail. As a last attempt, he called a chiropractor. We wish he’d called him years before. After he saw him and started getting relief, we researched and learned more about the subtle adjustments of the Atlas Orthogonal technique. We learned that there are different types of chiropractors and the AO method sounded best to us. When this doctor offered a free day for new patients, I went in and had x-rays done because I’d been living with neck pain and headaches. He treated me and I felt much better too.

Through the years and many moves, from Savannah to Jacksonville to St Mary’s, we have always received referrals for AO chiropractors in our area. When we had children, we took them in too for check-ups and adjustments. They are teenagers now and very active in soccer. The Amato’s have helped them both through several injuries and they stay on a maintenance program in hopes that they will have healthier spines than their parents since we started them out early with chiropractic treatments.

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My husband and I stay on maintenance plans and come in often when we’ve done something to aggravate our backs. Besides getting our Atlas’ adjusted, I find the flexion distraction treatment helps relieve the pain in my lower back from mild scoliosis and we both find the massages very therapeutic and relaxing. We feel like it was our lucky day when our doctor in Jacksonville referred us to the Amato’s, not only for the convenient location but because they are so wonderful! The whole staff is caring and helpful. I must admit that the office in Jacksonville had more of an assembly line feeling, whereas the Amato’s office has a smaIl-town feel to it; they take the time to talk to you about what is going on with you and strive to fix what the problem is if they can, inside and out!

I feel like a chiropractic ambassador at times because I’m always trying to talk people into coming in, especially when I see them hurting or kids getting injured playing sports. I’m amazed that so many people say, “Oh, we don’t believe in chiropractors”. I want to scream, what is there not to believe in???!!! Don’t you believe in a correctly aligned spine, a healthy, drug-free, pain-free body, a better quality of life? I say, give it a try and there’s no one better than the Amato’s to help you! What have you got to lose, except your pain!

Thank you, Dr. Lesa and Dr. David and staff, for all you do.

The Daughtrey’s

I’m a believer!

When I first visited Dr. D. Amato, I could barely life my left leg, I couldn’t sleep, and I was so out of alignment that I could not do any physical work without tremendous pain. After a few weeks of treatment, I had no pain and was back to walking five to six miles daily and playing with my granddaughter in the pool.

Then, school began and after only a couple of days back, my neck and shoulder were hurting so badly that I could not function. A few adjustments, traction, and massage therapy, and moving my computer to a central location on my desk (Dr. D. suggested that physical change) – I am now back to doing everything that I need or want to do for my students, my family, and for myself. I now go for my monthly alignment and feel great.

I’m a believer!

Thanks, Dr. David

Lu C.

Since my first appointment I have not had a migraine

For the last 13 years, I’ve suffered from upper and lower back spasms. I have seen 5 doctors for my back, each put me on a different muscle relaxer and pain killer. Muscle relaxers were a temporary fix, and taking them put me to sleep for the next few days. I’ve lost weeks of my life to back pain. In addition to back pain, I have had constant migraines for the last 6 years. The three doctors I had seen for my migraines were unable to give me any answers, They didn’t even prescribe anything for the pain.

Several of my family members see a chiropractor and suggested that I see one. A friend of mine that lives in Saint Mary’s suggested I see Dr. Amato. I put it off for a while until I had one week of back pain that muscle relaxers and pain killers didn’t help. I was fed up with the medicine, so I made an appointment with Dr. David.

Since my first appointment I have not had a migraine. When I decided to see a chiropractor, I wasn’t expecting him to be able to do anything about my migraines, but with my adjustments and stretches they are gone. My back, shoulders and neck feel loose and relaxed. Since my adjustments, I’ve had significantly less back pain. My muscle spasms have only come back once and after seeing Dr. Amato, they stopped. No muscle relaxers, no pain killers, no time lost.

I love coming in for my adjustments. They are relaxing and I always feel better after I leave -even if I wasn’t hurting when I came in!

Erin L.

You and Dr. David are fine examples of living your mission.

I write this letter of sincere gratitude and recognition of your contributions to our good health. Coming to your practice, after 30 years of traditional Chiropractic, has significantly changed our level of wellness, as well as boosted our hopes for a pain-free future.

As a painting contractor, Fred has sustained injuries that arose from chronic, repetitive motion to his cervical spine and shoulders. The combination of Orthogonal Chiropractic and your empathetic approach to patient care has truly raised the bar for our expectations for healing and general good health. Your recognition of the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, to include therapeutic massage in your practice, now has Fred pain free, for the first time in 25 years. He is sleeping well and playing golf. This is truly a joyous outcome.

Likewise, for myself, a medical professional and longstanding fan of chiropractic care, I too am more pain free in between my appointments, allowing me less frequent visits. The affects have been far reaching, with improved healing of neck and shoulder injuries, as well as contributing to reduced symptoms associated with chronic colitis.

Thank you for teaching us about the critical importance of Orthogonal care, for your kind consideration and for the great efforts to improve our health and quality of life.

You and Dr. David are fine examples of living your mission. We are forever in your debt.

Cindy M.

I am pleased to recommend them to anyone

I was introduced to the Amato Chiropractic Center several years ago through a referral from a friend. Since my first visit, I have been quite pleased with every aspect of the care given to me by Dr. Lesa and Dr. David. Their knowledge, assessment and subsequent treatment of my needs have kept me returning. The environment at the Wellness Center is soothing and the office staff is courteous.

When I need to be seen, I feel every effort is made to arrange an appointment as quickly as possible, which I very much appreciate. I also appreciate the value the Amato’s and their office staff place on my time. They have a full understanding that we all lead busy lives, and as such, I am never left waiting or go unattended. I have full confidence in the Amato’s and I am pleased to recommend them to anyone.

V. Ryan

Achieved Positive Results

My husband, Steve and I are in our early sixties and are in fairly good health but we want to be able to enjoy a long retirement together and not be plagued with lots of medical issues. We just competed the 21 -Day SP Purification Cleanse and we are extremely happy with the results. We both have more energy, feel better and think it is a great jumping off point to eating better and a much healthier lifestyle. We have tried to trade our unhealthy eating habits by being much more aware of what we are eating and the hidden toxins in foods we eat.

Joye Dillehay, the nutritionist at Amato Chiropratic, has coached us through the 21 days by offering helpful hints, recipes and guidance along the way which was invaluable because of our preconceived ideas about what is and isn’t healthy. She taught us the benefits of eating organic along with what is “clean” and what is “dirty” when choosing produce, how to pay more attention to food labels, and how healthy meals don’t have to be boring. We are very pleased with the results. Steve lost 24 lbs. and I lost 15 lbs. which is great but what is even better is that our blood work when comparing before and after showed a significant positive change in our cholesterol levels as well as other areas. This was a pleasant surprise but proves we are what we eat.

The results from the 21-day cleanse has motivated us to continue on the journey toward changing our lifestyle to eat better and exercise more. We have employed the help of Joye Dillehay to again direct, guide, support and motivate us to make these changes permanent. We have inspired our son and daughter’s families to be more conscious of what they are eating because they see the positive results we have achieved.


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